Tow Truck Service in Texas

Tow Truck Service
If you need a tow truck service in Texas, we can help you with that. We will help you get off the road after an accident or breakdown. If you unexpectedly face an inoperable car, we at EJS Towing will help you out. We will be there for you any time of day or night. We will utilize our advanced tools to figure out the right steps. We will help you get back to driving again. Actually, we tow any vehicle from a pick-up truck, large commercial van, sedan to a car. We also promise to provide wheel-lift towing and flatbed tow truck service that work best for the condition and type of your car. If your vehicle needs restoration or replacement, we will be here to do it. We will get it securely off the road. We will store or bring your vehicle to an auto body shop. We will provide timely and accurate services that allow you to get the compensation or coverage you need to replace or fix your vehicle.
Tow Truck Service


If your vehicle is suddenly trapped on the road, we at EJS Towing can help you out. We provide the best flatbed tow truck service. With our dependable and reliable professionals, we will tow your car to anywhere you want, quickly and safely.

Turn your attention to our reliable flatbed towing service provider. That way, we will tow your car with no possible damage. In any car you own, you can depend on our flatbed towing service in Texas. If you are searching for this type of towing service, we will get you covered.

Tow Truck Service


If you need our medium duty tow truck in Texas, we will give it to you. We will utilize only the best technological devices and tools. We will accommodate any type or any size of vehicles. We will tow anything from campers, pick-up trucks, delivery vans, trailers and RV’s.

If you are stuck somewhere, you can rely on EJS Towing to provide you immediate help. Contact us as the best provider in Texas today!

Tow Truck Service


Our trucks can tow light-duty vehicles in Texas. If it has gone broken down on one side of the road, we will be there for you. We are always available every day. When you choose us, we promise quality service to recover and tow your truck.
Tow Truck Service


Our team of experienced professionals will be happy to provide wheel lift towing. They are knowledgeable and expertise for some technical support. We can arrange wheel lift tow truck in Texas for your ease and convenience.

Call us now at EJS Towing to answer your questions!



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